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Friday, February 22, 2013

The Wheels on the Bus

Ok, I know that the Caps have made it into the playoffs every year since 2007. It’s been a great run these past few years. But speaking as a fan from the pre-Ovi era, if the Caps don’t make it this year, I am not gonna die. Yes, the wheels do seem to be falling off right now. Yes, I’d love to see them make it to the post-season. But, sometimes we have to accept the fact that not every team can be playoff contenders every year. At least we aren’t Blue Jacket fans. But maybe that’s the lesson that needs to be learned. Imagine being the fan of a team that has only been to the playoffs once and then not even making it past the first round. That would require true dedication. (Sorry, Columbus fans, but it’s an apt example.)

I’m not gonna make excuses for my team. No “short season”, no “new system”, no “lazy players”. It is what it is. If, for some reason, the Caps can pull off a post season this year, I’ll be as happy as I always am. BUT, if they don’t, I’ll be back next season, cheering the guys on and bitching and moaning about all the bad plays, bad penalties, optional practices, injuries and every guy who screws up something. After all, isn’t that what being a fan is all about? Gotta take the bad with the good, even if it is a hard pill to swallow. And if you can’t…the next stop to jump off the bus is just around the corner.

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