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Saturday, January 19, 2013

How I Watch Hockey

It’s been a long time since we’ve actually watched live NHL hockey but old habits will be reemerging tonight. I’ve (thankfully) gained a few new followers since the last time there was a live NHL game on my TV and now it’s time for me to lose some of them by doing the following:

1.       I live tweet hockey games when I am not at them. Yeah, one of those annoying tweeps. Unaccustomed followers will bail within the first period.

2.       I am not a real live media type credentialed blogger so I get to cuss a lot. Most of my tweeps don’t care. So I cuss a lot. New followers may hate this. If so, see ya.

3.      Because I am not a real live media type credentialed blogger, my tweets may not be the insightful type. Game time is not time for serious evaluation for me, it’s fan-girl time, ok? You’ll see more like the F*CK and SH*T and G DAMMIT, HOLY HELL kind of tweets. Especially if my team is losing or some player makes a really stupid move. (The blessing of not being a real live media type credentialed blogger)

4.       Oh, yeah…I YELL a lot during live games. A LOT!

5.       When my team scores, I tweet out “CLICK CLICK BOOM!!!!”  That’s my version of “He shoots, he scores”. This is not an advocacy for violence, just something I do. Get used to it.

6.       I drink. I drink beer. I drink beer during hockey games. I drink beer during hockey games and tweet at the same time.

7.       I do not take any responsibility for typos. If you are a member of the grammar police, please just ignore me during hockey games.

8.       I’m a big fan of #thatswhatshesaid (or just #TWSS ). You’ll see that from me whenever I think it fits. Also, refer back to point #6 if you don’t get my timing/jokes.

9.       I don’t argue online with tweeps who are fans of my team’s opponents. Since I can appreciate their fandom as much as I hope they appreciate mine, my usual tweeps don’t give me grief about my team. Mutual understanding and respect kinda thing. Please don’t bother to try to bait me, I’ll just ignore the tweets and move on.

10.   I get really really wrapped up in the game and miss a lot of @ replies. Please don’t be insulted if I don’t answer your tweet during a game. Also, refer back to point #6.

I enjoy live tweeting games. If it annoys you- mute me, unfollow me, ignore me. I will do this EVERY game I watch on TV. Also, refer back to point #6.

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