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Monday, September 20, 2010

What’s in a Name?

So, another hockey season is upon us. In anticipation of lots of tweeting about our guys, I felt it was time for an updated primer on who we all refer to when we use our own special nicknames for players on Twitter. I’d also like to thank The Hockey Chronicles and Japers’ Rink, who also posted similar lists in the past which contributed to my “research”. (Yes, I actually did research for this post…kinda-sorta). Think of this as a PSA for new Tweeps and Caps fans, cuz you need to know who we're talking about when you read our snark!

So without further ado and in alphabetical order, so no one thinks I’m playing favorites (kinda convenient that Ovi comes first alphabetically, isn’t it?), here we go:

Da Playas:

Alex Ovechkin: AO8, Ovi (Note: NOT Ovie –get it right, people!), Russian Machine, The Great 8, Alexander the Great

Alex Semin: Sasha, ummm and another one I don’t quite understand ;), Sam (Added by RussianMachine)

Brian Willsie: I don't remember any nicknames for Willsie, somebody remind me!

Boyd Gordon: Gordo, Gordicris, G-Unit (Added by WashCapsRock), Muffin (added by tons of people!)

Brooks Laich: BL21, Brooksie, Cougar Bait, HHBL21, AAA of the NHL, Ironman (Added by CamaroWRX)

David Steckel: Stecks

DJ King: King Kong, (are there any others we should know?)

Eric Fehr: Fehrsie, F-16/Falcon (Added by The PaulW), Uno Seis (Added because ngreenberg apparently uses it, not that I would know)

Jason Chimera: Chimmers, Chewie (Added by PKLords76), Chimmy (Added by YoCalleJ, RinkRebel, Scandalizi)

Jeff Schultz: Mr Nasty, Double Nickel, Schultzy, Sarge

John Carlson: J-Car, Real American Hero (RAHJC74), Captain America

Karl Alzner: King Karl, Alz (Added by RinkRebel), The Lumber Jack (Added by Green52fan)

Marcus Johansson: MoJo, JoJo

Matt Bradley: MB10, Brads, The Proffessor (misspelling is intentional)

Michal Neuvirth: Neuvi/Neuvy

Mike Green: MG52, Greenie, Greener, Game Over, Lamborgreenie

Mike Knuble: Knoobs, Grandpa Slippers, Papa or Pops Knoob (Added by AmazinglyMorgan & RinkRebel)

Nicklas Backstrom: NB19, Backy, Nicky-Lars, Super Swede, Backis (Added by YoCalleJo)

Semyon Varlamov: Varly, The Iron Curtain, Click on Me (Added by dorcaskd)

Tomas Fleischmann: Flash

Tyler Sloan: Sloaner, TyTy

Da Front Office:

Brett Leonhardt: Stretch

Bruce Boudreau: Gabby, BB

George McPhee: GMGM

Ted Leonsis: Uncle Ted

Mike Vogel: Vogs (Added by WashCapsRock)

Da Bears and Prospies:

Andrew Gordon: Gordo (not to be confused with Boyd Gordon-[“no relation”-Joe B.]!)

Anton Gustafsson: Baby Gus, AnGus (Added by maamfo)

Braden Holtby: Hot Stuff (Added for WashCapsRock), Holts (Added by maamfo)

Cody Eakin: Squeaks

Francois Bouchard: Bouch (Added by OSquirt26)

Grant McNeill: G-Mac (Added by YoCalleJo)

Jay Beagle: Beags

Joe Finley: Big Joe, Lawnmower Joe

Keith Aucoin: Coiner

Mathieu Perreault: Matty P, Perry, Pocket Ovi

Patrick McNeill: P-Mac, Patty Mac

Steve Pinizzotto: Pinner (Added by OSquirt26)

Trevor Bruess: Bruiser (Added by maamfo)

Zach Miskovic: Misky

Ok, I know I forgot some, so remind me in the comments, kthxbai!


  1. Isn't Brooks Laich called "Iron Man" too?

  2. Mike Knuble is often very affectionately called "Grandpa Slippers" as well as "Moose"

  3. The ladies on Japer's Rink refer to Brooks Laich as " Bubbles".

  4. How could you miss "Mackan" for Marcus Johansson?

  5. Green: "Stack o'Ones"
    Semin: Big Al
    Alzner: Karlito
    Carlson: 'John-john'
    Schultz: Norris, "The Zephyr"

  6. In my little corner of the world, our friends and I say,"K-nubs" for Knuble.

  7. Matt Bradley: RMB
    No, don't put that ;)

  8. How about the broadcasters? Joe B, Locker and Smokin' Al?

  9. What about PerreauchoCinco #85?

  10. I call Backstrom "Nicky B"

  11. Don't forget Boyd Gordon is MUFFINS!

  12. Karl Alzner - Grizzly Adams during the playoffs

    Mathieu Perreault - 8.5

  13. Chimera -- Known as Chimichanga in Section 108

  14. Oh, and Beagle is "Woof"

  15. Chimera - Beast
    Knuble - Moose, Grandpa Slippers
    Neuvirth goes with Neuvi on his masks just pointing out.
    Marcus Johansson - Mackan

    Those are just some of the nicknames I specifically remember the Japers crowd throwing around.

  16. Neuvirth: Bjork

    Erskine: Ersk, Oisk

    Willsie: Wills (this was from back in the bad old days...)

    And some from the past (why not):

    Bondra: Bonzai
    Gartner: Garts, Gartsie
    Duschense: Gates
    Iafrate: Wild Thing
    Ridley: Rids
    Pivonka: Pivo
    Zendik: Z, Zed
    Svekovski: Yogi
    Berube: Chief
    Hunter: Popeye, Hunts, Huntsie, Big Game
    Langway: Rocket, Secretary of Defense
    Hatcher: Lurch
    Krygier: HoL (Hands of Lead)
    Carey: Ace, The Mask
    Kolzig: Olie, Godzilla, Zilla, Kozilla
    Charpentier: Sharpie
    Kwiatkowski: Kiwi
    Doig: (usually a string of obscenities)
    Oates: Oatsie
    Juneau: Joe-A
    Bellows: BB
    Tikannen: Tik
    Housley: (See Doig above)
    Murphy: Murph, Big Bird
    Kaminski: Killer
    Watson: Bugsy

  17. Mean Lars for Backstrom I've seen.

  18. Kuznetsov - Kuz;
    Kugryshev - Kugy;
    Galiev - Stan
    Would like Orlov - Orlie.

  19. Schultz is The Big Plus!

  20. Knuble- Obi wan Knuble

  21. I, a fellow French Canadian, like to call Perreault Pierogi or Perreault-gi.

  22. Other nicknames for players:

    Johannson -- Mackan (believe it is Swedish nickname of Marcus; sammich (a form of sandwich and may be based on Mackan

    Semin -- Sema (Think Ovi calls him that at time); Sema Bear (saw on "Hockey Chronicles" blog); Jizz (Bradley called him that in an interview -- slang term for a certain secretion)

    Erskine -- in addition to Ersk and Oisk (which I take credit for), there's also "Sexy Lumberjack" and "Hot Pockets"

  23. Boyd Gordon will forever be Muffins to me. Or, as Boudreau called him at last year's convention, Snoop Gordon. :D

  24. Hendricks - Hendy, Wagon
    Carlson - Carly
    Carlson and Alzner - Carlzner