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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hockey 'n Heels in Pictures

Last night, I attended my first Hockey 'n Heels. If you've never attended before, this event is sponsered by the Scarlet Caps to further educate it's members on many aspects of hockey. Attendees were given the opportunity to learn to pass pucks (with Karl Alzner), shooting skills (with Alan May, Troy Brouwer, and Matty Perrault), and how to handle face-offs (with Assistant Coach Bob Woods). The informational panels were Chalk Talk with John Walton and Alan May, Bruce Boudreau's ever popular discussion on game preparation with film footage, and  Fitness and Conditioning with the Caps Strength and Conditioning Coach Mark Nemish. Attendees also posed for a picture with Nick Backstrom.

Bruce's panel was very entertaining. Great to see how the coaches use game footage to determine how to prepare for an opponent. Chalk Talk was a lot of fun. John Walton and Alan May were very informative while being extremely personable. As you may have guessed, the only panel I didn't attend was the Fitness and Conditioning one. Attendees were expected to do actual exercises, so that was not gonna happen, sorry Coach Nemish!

One bit of advise for anyone who has never attended the event but plans to: ice is slippery (duh!). While I didn't fall on my ass, it took a lot of careful manuvering out on the rink in flat boots. To those who wore actual heels to the event (and there were some), kudos to you!

Anyway, here's some pics. I have more posted on my Flickr account as well.

My thanks to the Washington Capitals Scarlet Caps for allowing me to tag along and to Sarah Kogod of NBC Washington for using some of the above on the Capital Games blog

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Winter Classic Yearbook

Thanks to Russian Machine Never Breaks for originally posting this picture and providing the inspiration for this blog post.

                                                                           (Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Remember the yearbook pictures of  "Senior Superlatives"? Yeah, I isolated a few of our guys for a little "Superlatives" of my own, purely based on the photograph, no personal preferences involved. (yeah, right).

Most Athletic


Class President 

Best Dimples

Most Likely to Inflict Punishment

 Best Smile

 Most Studious


Most Injured

Best Facial Hair
Maybe, just maybe, I'm still a little tipsy from New Years Eve. Then again, maybe not.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Movember Madness Results

The results are in and the Washington Capitals raised the most money of all of the participating NHL teams and players, a whopping $22,472. Overall, the NHL raised $106,617 (CAD) to “change the face of men’s health”.

Two Caps players landed in the top five on the leader board; #4 John Erskine with $5,248 and #5 John Carlson with $2,959.

The top 20 list includes:

#6 Karl Alzner $2,304

#10 Matt Hendricks $1,747

#13 Brett Leonhardt $1,542

#14 Mike Vogel $1,440

#15 Jeff Schultz $1,431

#16 Jason Chimera $1,412

#17 Mike Green $1,326

#19 Braden Holtby $1,185

#20 Yvon Labre $1,156

Count ‘em folks, 11 of the top 20 for donations to the NHL Movember campaign belong to the Washington Capitals. Congrats to all the players for helping this great cause and all the fans who contributed. Just one more reason to be proud of being a Caps fan. I'd also like to thank Mrs. John Erskine for giving her husband permission to keep such an awesome stache.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Movember - The Magic of the Mustache

Not only is the 11th month magical for the beautiful fall colors, there is another thing of beauty for hockey fans, the Movember Mustache. There are a couple of Caps players who are giving the growing of the ‘stache a go this month, but the winner of them all is John Erskine.

Never thought I’d see the day when I’d write a post on mustaches and focusing on John Erskine, of all players, but I’m beginning to think there are magical powers to Erskine’s 'stache. Not only is it the most impressive among all Caps players, but is it the power behind Erskine’s magic on the ice against the Thrashers tonight? Let’s face it, how often does John not only get the game winning goal, but also is awarded the 1st star of the game? And that fight tonight? More ‘stache power in action? Even John might be beginning to believe. John's quote from Corey Masisak's article, “Yeah, the 'stache has been good luck,” Erskine said. “I talked to the wife and I might be keeping it for a while.”

And before I go on about the beauty of the Movember Mustache, I'd just like to share this superb right cross delivered by John Erskin tonight:

Ok, so back to the topic on everyone's lips, Movember and the Magical Mustache. As stated earlier, a couple of other Caps players are also participating in Movember: Karl Alzner and Mike Green. I thought John Carlson was involved as well, but from all appearances, I must be wrong. If there is a mustache growing on that young man's upper lip, then at it's current stage of growth, I'd be hard pressed to varify it's existance.

So, ladies and gentleman, I give you Karl Alzner and Mike Green.

And, if MoJo is participating, he's off to an ok start, but I don't think it'll be finished by the end of the month:

Now, you gotta give these guys props, but will any of them ever reach the epicness of the 70's porn 'stache like these guys here?

Hmm, you know, after looking at Erskine again, I think he might just do it. Way to go, John!