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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hockey Towns need Hockey Songs

Every fan of the NHL has their favorite goal songs. Everybody knows Chicago’s signature song, but, “Chelsea Dagger” gets pretty irritating to non-Blackhawks fans. (I guess that’s why it works and they keep it.) Boston’s use of Zombie Nation’s “Kerncraft 400” is a win in my book.  Detroit’s “Hockey Town” is very original. Gotta say, “Rock and Roll Part 2”, which is used by 3 or 4 teams a year, can die a slow and horrible death. Its overuse has made it trite. Not sure if they still use it, but Phoenix Coyotes use of the Black Keys “Howlin for You” was certainly different. The LA Kings have used Randy Newman’s “I Love LA”, but does it really get fans moving in their seats? And the Washington Capitals have a really great song…. oh yeah, we never decide on a goal song. Many have been tried, but none seem to stick. They even tried a song written especially for them once, but when I was at the game where it “premiered”, I couldn’t even hear it.

We do have some songs that have been used in intros that will always remind me of the Caps. Remember that video of the Young Guns “playing” “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory? I always think of that video when I hear that song. And for a while they used Foo Fighters “The Pretender” and just recently “Arlandria”. Anybody who knows me knows I am a huge FF fan, so using these songs garner two thumbs up from me. So, yes, we’ve used some cool songs for video intros, but what about a goal song??

Now that the NHL season is about to begin, and the Washington Capitals will probably be rolling out the “We are a Hockey Town” mantra again, I think it’s about time we settled on a goal song and make it stick. That’s what Hockey Towns have. Something that will become our signature (besides the very long and very loud goal horn w/sirens).
I’ve had a few ideas in the past: the “Hey-a-heyaaaa, Hey-a-heyaaaa” chorus of “Shout” from “Animal House (which ties in nicely to the video montages).  And then there is my personal signature goal tweet of "Click, Click, Boom"…ok, that might be too violent for the kiddies, but it is a thought. How about “There’s Gonna Be Some Rocking” by ACDC? Hey, we are rocking the red, right? “We Will Rock You”? I know it's been used in the past, but it's a golden oldie...ok, I'm a golden oldie for suggesting it. I’m figuring it needs to be something more “classic” for it to not get stale, but you could always use something more trendy (but still not very new), like Pink’s “Raise your Glass” refrain. Ok, maybe not. But my point here is IF we are trying to be a “Hockey Town” we need a signature goal song, something that gets people rocking in their seats. Not like we are Chicago or Boston or nuthin.

Voice your suggestions in the comments; they can’t be any worse than the ones I mentioned here. And who knows, maybe we can find a really cool goal song that everybody can rock to and convince the Caps to adopt it…I wish (they'd have to be open to suggestions and read the blog, so don't get your hopes up).


P.P.S. Yes, I do know that copyrights might be a problem, I'll leave that up to Ted Leonsis to take care of.