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Monday, September 26, 2011

Participate in the Poll

Participate in the poll: How do you feel about the new white netting at Verizon Center? I heard a lot of grumbling tonight about it on my tweet stream. It didn't look so great on the video feed either. How about you? The poll will be up for a couple of days, so let your opinion be heard! Please feel free to add your comments there as well. In case you missed the link in the word "poll", here is another one: (Can you tell I really want your imput!!!)

UPDATE: Via Uncle Ted on Ted's Take today 9/27/11:

Netting Update

We took a closer look at the Verizon Center protective netting today, and it clearly isn’t what we had anticipated. It hinders the fan experience and it is not an asset to our local rights holder, Comcast SportsNet. Therefore, starting with Friday’s preseason game, we will reinstall the black netting that had been used last season. We were attempting to improve the arena and television viewing experience, but we fell short of that mark.

So I guess the poll is no longer necessary. As of this edit the tally was 232 votes with 183 against the white netting (79%) versus 49 votes for (21%). Who knows what impact the poll had, if any, but thanks to everyone who reposted/retweeted the poll and participated!

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