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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stay Angry

Like all Caps fans, I went to bed last night disappointed. But my hopes for 4 wins sustain me at this moment. Apparently, several Caps players expressed their anger after last night’s game. I really want to stay positive and have faith our boys can fight through this and make us proud. So here is an open letter to our guys in red:

Dear Caps,
Stay angry. Remember how you’ve been saying all year that your only goal is to win the Stanley Cup? Come to think of it, we’ve heard this for the last couple of years, which makes the last 3 losses a bitter pill to swallow. We want it as badly as you do, maybe that’s why we all feel so dejected today.

Stay angry. Let this be a motivation for winning the next 4 games against Tampa, and on into the next 2 rounds.

Stay angry. Prove to all the naysayers that you can do this.

Stay angry. Please do not give us any excuses as to why you haven’t won yet this round. Bad bounces, bad calls, etc., happen to every team. Work through them.

Stay angry. Play smart disciplined hockey with the talent and skills we know you have. Learn from all the hard lessons you’ve forced yourselves to go through.

Stay angry.

Every Caps Fan

Yeah, it’s a little bit of a Pollyanna attitude, but dwelling in the depths of despair is too damned depressing. I’ll save that for when it’s really needed. Hopefully, that won’t happen until some other thing comes up in July.

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