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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Should the Winter Classic Jerseys become 3rds?

Tonight's first period of the Caps/Habs game got eveyone tweeting that we should keep playing in the Winter Classic jerseys because they seem to have inspired the team. After all, they really did seem to come out with a fury we haven't seen in a while. I know we didn't win against the Habs, so I'm not ready to declare them "lucky", only inspiring. But win or lose, would you like to see them more?

Lets get a show of hands and let Ted Leonsis, George McPhee, and whoever else needs to know that we would like to see the Winter Classic jerseys in the rotation for game jerseys. Even Brett Leonhardt thinks this is a good idea, so who are we to argue?


So, get your votes on Caps fans, what could it hurt?

Should the Caps keep using the Winter Classic jerseys this season?

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