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Thursday, October 21, 2010

TeamNeuvyVarly- BFF's 4 Evah

Ok, had to make a post outta the comments from tonight's twitpics of Varly and Neuvy chatting on the bench. Never enjoyed a post game more! (Thank you Verizon for my HD DVR and Apple for my iPhone, cuz none of this would be possible without either of them).

Pic #1 "BFF's?"

Among the caption comments: "Twinsies" from @, "That was the shot of the night for sure" from @ , and ding ding ding: "They're discussing Varly joining facebook!" from @

But wait....There's more:
Pic #2 "Look at Varly's expression! Wonder what Neuvy said? Is the bromance over already?"

Among the caption comments: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a tie!  "For the last time Varly, I swear up and down that mullets are OUT of style!" from @, "Neuvy: Want to grab post-game Happy Meals? Varly: Mehhhh..." from @

But wait...There's even more:
Pic #3 "Nope, besties again. All better."

This inspired some of the best caption comments yet!  "Neuvy: ...but I'll give you my free hotwheels toy. Varly: Orly??!?" from @ , "Neuvy: "Yup mullets are out... but might I suggest a rat tail?" Varly=intrigued" from @  Who could pick a winner between these two Tweeps? Since I adore them both, they both win. (the only prize is the honor of  being linked and quoted here, sorry, that's all I got!)

So, after a crushing defeat, who couldn't use a good giggle with their tears?


  1. I love that they get's really important in a circumstance like theirs that they work well together, and I can't overstate that enough. But is it wrong that I wish they seemed a little less ok with having been smoked twice in three nights by a talented conference rival?

  2. I don't think these photos will ever not make me laugh. Excellent television photography, as always!