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Monday, February 22, 2010

Thanks, Caps Tweeps!

I have been on Twitter since February 23, 2009, happy one year anniversary to me. Thinking on that has given me an “attitude of gratitude” and so I would like to thank my fellow Caps Twitter tweeps.

None of you knew me prior to joining Twitter. For all you knew, I could have been one of those “bandwagon” fans. Looking at how long some people have been on Twitter, many of us could be qualified as such, but that would be a sad mistake to make. I have been a Caps fan for many years, thanks to my husband’s love of hockey, but didn't actually start attending games until the last few years. But when I joined Twitter, I never thought it was necessary to spell this all out. I was accepted as a member of the Caps Twitter community without question.

My original Caps jersey from the 80's, worn out stars and all.

Becoming a part of this online community gave me a second tier of knowledge that I had never had before. I sat back and listened, asked questions, and read blogs. Other peoples’ opinions gave me pause to consider. I found like minded people who also had a passion for Caps hockey. My Caps world was no longer confined to my husband and what little local media I could watch or read. (Don’t get me wrong, I am not dis’in my husband here. He is an avid hockey fan who has loved the Caps from the beginning. He has suffered ALL the lows and celebrated ALL the highs. His knowledge of the game comes from years of dedication to the team and has shared that with me).

As to being a bandwagon fan, je m'accuse! I will happily admit to jumping on a bandwagon for our AHL affiliate, the Hershey Bears. Thanks to my pals on Twitter, and in large part, thanks to Teka (@sweetestofdekes), I truly learned how important the Bears are in relationship to the Caps. I’ll be honest, I never gave them that much thought until I joined Twitter and started following Teka. Another dimension to my fandom was added.

So, as I “celebrate” my one year Twitter anniversary, I want to thank everyone out there in the Twitterverse who has helped me become an even better Caps fan. Hopefully, I have returned the favor in kind…Any questions?

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