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Sunday, January 10, 2010

All Aboard the RU Serious?

Guess you can tell that this blog has not turned into a serious discourse on hockey, or even sports for that matter. Maybe because I follow hockey and am so interested in it, you would think I have something serious to say on that.

I am not an extremely serious person; life is too short to not enjoy yourself. I want to have fun, I love to laugh. And, I get distracted by life too easily to make even a feeble attempt at a serious blog about hockey. What can I sincerely add to the blogosphere that could in any way compete with the fine people listed on the right hand side of this page? --------------------->
You want serious hockey stats, commentary, and knowledge? Click any one of those links and your wish will be granted. I read them all the time.

So, I’m not so sure what direction I want to take. This blog is a hodge-podge of entries. If you have read anything on my way back machine, you will see I do tend to climb up on my soapbox occasionally and vent. Things piss me off and I can’t hold back. That was one of the reasons I started my original but now extinct blog in the first place. Couldn’t expect my husband to take on my rants without him asking for a divorce at some point. He’s a good guy, but that would be more than a spouse should have to endure. Also, I’m not big into punching walls like a guy might; after all, I could break a nail!

I was thinking I might continue my little foray into hockey for blondes. When I first started getting interested in hockey, I didn’t understand a thing. It wasn’t until my first live game that I actually even enjoyed the sport to its fullest. And, man, did I pepper my husband with questions. Being the hockey fan that he is; he was more than willing to share his extensive knowledge with me. He laughed at me at first, but because I was willing to risk looking like a dumb blonde, we can now have lengthy discussions and true give & take on any aspect of a game.

That being said, there were still times I found an answer to a hockey question that really didn’t break it down into brain-manageable data. So, I thought, here’s a blog idea; got a hockey question you’re too embarrassed to ask? I’m your girl. I’ll ask anyone just about anything and I don’t really care about looking stupid. Gotten an answer you just don’t understand, I’ll convert it to blondespeak for you. Don’t think of it as dumbing it down; think of it as cutting through the bullshit.

I am concerned I would be viewed as attempting to compete with sites such as Scarlet Caps, although I would naturally add my own quirky sense of humor to it. But, not everyone gets me, so, it’s on the map quest of directions I might go.

I did receive excellent advice from a fellow blogger to add my photographs to my blog, which I did try. Photography is a major passion for me, but, once again, do I want look like I am trying to compete with other sites that have photographs on them? After all, just how many ways CAN you shoot Alex Ovechkin, Alex Semin, or my favorites; our Capitals goalies when you have limited access?

(Insert photo here)

Finally, do I want to even try to enter the blogosphere competition? Not to discredit the people who have read and commented on this blog, especially those that actually took it a step further and signed on as followers, your support and comments are greatly appreciated, but how far do I want to go to get the readership I know I would end up craving? I can be very competitive, as much as I hate to admit it. Just ask the people I pushed outta the way during the Victoria’s Secret Semi-annual sale.

So, while I try to figure out where I’m going, I’ll leave you with just one final, yet serious, question…Any answers?


  1. Favorite thing about this post?

    You using "pepper" in a non-food and non-hockey sentence. :)

  2. who says you have to be serious when talking about hockey just because you are a serious hockey fan?? i think your blog is great:) i am an obsessed caps husband is a penguins fan so life in our house can be stressful..i cant help it he cheers for the wrong team, i mean we are from did he pick the pens for? anyway...keep it up and nice to meet you