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Girls just wanna have fun ~ Cyndi Lauper
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Chauvinist or just insecure? So, which guy are you?

It never fails to amaze me when a person of the male persuasion gets all macho. Do you think ½ the population is not worthy of your attention? Word of warning to those ‘guys’ out there who do, are you sure you know exactly who you are dealing with?

I’m sure you’ve noticed, I do not give my real name or show my picture on this blog or on Twitter. It is not because I have anything to be ashamed of. I like fucking with people’s heads. (Yeah, I’m mean that way). Seriously, though, I know the internet, I know what goes out there in the stratosphere, I like to be able to speak my mind but not have it come back and bite me in the ass if I ever need a new job in the future. Just playing it safe; sad to say, but there it is.

But, that being said, it brings me back to the question; do you really know who you are disregarding when you write off women, Mr. Big Shot? I could be your boss, or your boss’s wife. I could be the waitress you see all the time and am willing to spit in your food before I serve you. I could be a cop that pulls you over and bumps a speeding ticket up to reckless driving just because I can. I could be the judge in the courtroom when you go to traffic or divorce court. I could be the doctor in the emergency room when you have to come in at 3 a.m. Are you willing to take that chance?

Maybe you are just insecure. Are you afraid of women, Mr. Macho? Do smart women intimidate you? Do good looking women intimidate you? How about a combination of both? Bet that scares the shit out of you! We see you pander to attractive women, but how do you know I’m not attractive? I have enough confidence in myself to think I am, which is what matters most, so fortunately, I don’t need your validation. (But, you could be missing the chance to pander to me). And, even though I am not going to give you proof, you can take my word for it…I am smart. Actually, very smart. Most of the women I know are smart too. I have an uncanny ability to read people, mostly because I listen, so, I can guarantee, every single woman I follow or who follows me on Twitter is smart. Pay attention, Mr. BMOC, this ½ of the population has things to say that might just impress or teach you. Yeah, some of it is drivel, we do like to have fun, but that does not condone rudeness on your part.

That’s what this comes down to, rudeness. Maybe your momma didn’t do her job raising you, or maybe you didn’t have a momma, but I seriously doubt both of those things. You could excuse yourself as a product of your environment, but in this day and age, that ain’t gonna fly. But it guarantees me one thing; I have no doubt that you aren’t even reading this. Whether you are a chauvinist, insecure, or both, you won’t even recognize this as being directed at you. That’s ok, it’s really written for my own venting purposes. But, on the off chance you are, please remember this, respect is a two way street, Mr. Misogynist. I’m sure you would be surprised if you felt disrespected, but you have no qualms about doing that to ½ the population. We know it, we see it and we have no respect for you because of it...Any questions?

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