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  1. Cool website! My name is Megan Shoup and I run with my brother. is a new social media website for sports fans to blog, trash talk and interact with other fans while getting news, stats, etc. Hopefully when its complete, it will be a one-stop website for passionate sports fans of any team to interact both online and offline and be heard! We are rolling out redevelopment of throughout the fall and we really are anxious to start promoting it again!

    To get to the point, part of that plan is to throw some parties for diehard sports fans like yourself. We would really like to host a Caps Season Kickoff Party since the first game of the season is away against the Thrashers on Friday, October 8. This means we would purchase a couple kegs and throw a party for Caps fans to include free giveaways (FREE COWBELLS!), raffles, (Caps tickets, autographed pucks, etc.) and more!

    Would this be something your group would be interested in attending? If so what bar would you like to see a gamewatch party hosted? We have good relationship with McFadden's sports bar downtown but we're open to suggestions. Please give me your feedback and let us know if you would attend and help us round up the Caps troops too.

    When our first phase of redevelopment is complete next week, we'd also like to have you help be a part of our "Fanspeak Scouting Team" and help us beta test the site and give us feedback. Let me know if that is something you're interested in as well.

    We're looking forward to hearing you. We'd love to work with you all and throw parties for Caps fans! Be in touch! Thank you!